Neon Outburst

Outburst of Neon
Outburst of Neon

Neon colours have been created into a trend (check my neon pinterest board); the sharp distinctive colour hues highlight a summer touch that completes an outfit. From vibrant limes to shocking fuchsias have been seen on the catwalk, providing shockwaves of colour for inspiration.

I have always admired the experimental use of colour and texture; it creates a modern twist to an ordinary trend and our wardrobes.

With summer almost on its way, I definitely think more colour will be seen and embraced, creating vivid and refreshing styles.

Small amount of neon complements the look for summer. I believe this a trend that can be worn day and night.

Neon can be seen in accessories, clothing, nail paint, and clothing.

neon mood1 neon mood2 neon mood3

Check Pinterest board here

The new Tayla Collection is Neon inspired.

NG--2 NG--8 NG--31New collection is currently only available at private sales.


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